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Don't guess your recovery - byrizz™ tailors your triumphant comeback.

The byrizz™ Rehab & Performance app offers personalized workout plans tailored to individual goals such as rehabilitation post-injury, weight loss, or enhancing work performance. It recognizes that lifestyle changes take time and adjustment to life's ongoing challenges. The app aims to help users manage their responsibilities by providing energy through customized fitness routines, with an invitation to try the service for free.


Changes doesn’t
happen in a day

Transform your journey to recovery and peak performance with the byrizz™ Rehab & Performance app. This ultimate personalized rehabilitation program caters to your unique goals – whether bouncing back from an injury, shedding pounds, or soaring in workplace productivity. Embrace the flexibility of adaptive fitness training tailored just for you, designed to mesh seamlessly with the demands of home and the office. Download and kickstart your transformation with our dynamic home workout plan, available for a free trial – because your best self is only a click away! Order now and take a tailored path toward your fitness and rehabilitation goals.


  • Personalized injury recovery, tailored to your specific fitness level.

  • Lose weight effectively with custom workouts designed for your goals.

  • Elevate your workplace performance with targeted, dynamic exercises.

  • Effortlessly adapt workouts to your busy lifestyle for optimal balance.


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Our Philosophy 

“The Service you do for others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.” ― Muhammad Ali

Reach Your
Goals with Us

Success is about achieving what is important to you - That´s important to us. We give you continuity to reach your goals at any level. byrizz™ consists of trained therapists and strength & conditioning coaches with long experience in the field of health and fitness. Our clients range from the novice athlete to World Cup medalists and Olympians.


Kornettvägen 16, Brunflo
Östersund, Sweden

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