what We do

We give you a customized experience either it's for rehab after injury or to improve performance

Our Rehab & Performance Application, courses, and education programs are based on experience working with all kinds of clients - from the average Joe to Olympic medalists. We aim to give our users bulletproof expertise with years of experience and a practical approach in focus.


Changes doesn’t
happen in a day

The challenges of life don't take a break; it's about to be flexible and adapt to them. Responsibility at work and home requires energy to perform every day. byrizz™ Rehab & Performance app provides an opportunity to focus on your goals with workouts that are customized based on your physical status. Whether you want to rehab after an injury, lose weight, or become better at work and improve your performance, we'll make sure you reach your target. Try it out for free!


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Our Philosophy 

“The Service you do for others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.” ― Muhammad Ali

Reach Your
Goals with Us

Success is about achieving what is important to you - That´s important to us. We give you continuity to reach your goals at any level. byrizz™ consists of trained therapists and strength & conditioning coaches with long experience in the field of health and fitness. Our clients range from the novice athlete to World Cup medalists and Olympians.


Kornettvägen 16, Brunflo
Östersund, Sweden

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