Stay healthy with evidence-based workouts and programs

workouts & programs - Overview

Find the perfect workout program for you and your goals. Start whenever an perform them wherever you want and follow your daily progress.

  • Equipment
    Little to no equipment needed
  • Duration
    From 10 to 90 min in length
  • Trainers
    High leveled coaches and trainers

Train at Home 

The workout is a short and intense workout that everyone can do in your living room! No equipment is needed; just use a chair, coffee table, or whatever you find to support the exercises included. No jumping rope? Get on your feet and just jump to get warm - You´ll crush it in less than 15 minutes!

  • Equipment
    Yoga Mat, jump rope, home furniture
  • Duration
    10 × 35 min
  • Level
    Fits for everyone

Rehab and Performance

Our experience and knowledge that we fortunately and wisely earnt through the years will help you either your a new beginner, have an injury or aiming to reach to the top in the sport you perform.