The location of the pain


Physical & Movement Screen

At byrizz™, we make sure not to focus on where you have pain, but rather focus on finding the source of it. The first thing we do is to get a historical record of injuries and experiences you have had with interventions and treatment. The physical and movement screen that you later undergo gives us a fundament to work with before doing a more specific scan - The Sparta Scan. 

Physical Therapy

Sparta Science Test

After been screened, you'll undergo The Sparta Science Test. The test optimizes health and performance for athletes and patients with evidence-based movement scans. With The byrizz™ Rehab & Performance App, you'll get customized training based on your test score. This will help to minimize injury risk and speed effective rehabilitation to physical activity.


Rehabilitation & Sports

Training intervention

Our third pillar is the most important one. We love to screen and test, but without a specific intervention based on your results, tests become pointless. That's why we create a program that fits you and your goals. You'll get everything you need in your pocket using The byrizz™ Rehab & Performance App.


Summary of actions

  • Our screening is divided into two sections. Section number one is about gathering information about your history when it comes to injuries and treatment experiences. The second section is a screening based on passive and active movements that you do with the therapist. Both parts cooperate to give us a starting point for the bigger picture. 


  • Sparta Science is a simple 60-second scan that identifies how you move and instantly creates an individualized training plan to treat preexisting conditions, reduce future injuries, and optimize your physical health & performance. 


  • The intervention is the central part of the byrizz™ rehab and performance method. You'll get specific training for specific targets. You do the training intervention for a minimum period of 4 weeks, depending on cause and case. 



  • After at least four weeks of the training intervention, you'll be able to re-test yourself on the Sparta Platform. Your test score will be compared with your first results, and the intervention will be customized once again for new targets. 



Make an appointment

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