The byrizz™ Rehab & Performance Podcast - Episode #3, 10 February 2021

Injury prevalence in football - Markus Waldén, Ph.D. MD.

Ørjan (Top left) with Molde FK players training towards an European League game. Photo Ørjan Nygård. 

In this second episode of The byrizz Rehab & Performance Podcast, we talk to the physical trainer in Molde FK, Ørjan Nygård. byrizz coach Frank Rizzo worked with Ørjan for three years when they were part of, created, and developed a new performance culture at the football club Bodø Glimt the current league champion in Norway. In this talk, you get to know Ørjan as a coach and assistant to a team that aims to establish itself in Europe and continuously looks to and wants to be at the top of Norwegian football. In this episode, we also discuss how the Covid-19 football season of 2020 has been and how Molde is preparing for the Europa League's playoffs. We also talk about testing football players, injury prevention work where cooperation between the coaching staff and medical support staff is critical. This talk touch even on topics such as strength training for football players, planning, and execution. The episode is in Norwegian and will be available on your favorite audible podcast resource from the 25th of January!⠀


  • Covid-19 football season 2020: - How did the virus affect the football season?
  • How does the "optimal pre-season" look like? 
  • How important is it to speak the "same" language within the staff team: Headcoach, assistant coaches, and medical department? 
  • How did Ørjans work look like when he was at Bodø Glimt compared to the work he does now at Molde FK? 
  • Ørjans thoughts regarding testing of football players 
  • We also touch on the topic of strength training for football players - Why and how. 
Ørjan can be reached on Twitter @orjann31 and Instagram @teandfico. Ørjan is a knowledgeable guy who likes to share his knowledge and experiences simply and concisely. Sit back, listen, learn and feel free to leave your feedback!
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Ørjan preparing a physical preparation workout Photo avisa nordland.