The byrizz™ Rehab & Performance Podcast - Episode #4, 23 February 2021

Peaking and Tapering towards competition - Per Nilsson, Johan Norrby Granath - Personal trainers of World-class cross-country skiers Frida Karlsson and Maja Dahlqvist.

Johan Norrby Granath top left watching the recap of the sprint prologue at Gällivarepremiären in 2017. Photo Carl Sandin, Bildbyrån. 

In the fourth episode of the byrizz™ Rehab & Performance podcast, I'm speaking to world-class cross-country skiers trainers Per Nilsson and Johan Norrby Granath.

Per Nilsson

Per was born and raised in Sollefteå; he was an active biathlete, studied at GiH in Örebro, Sweden, and returned to Sollefteå after his studies in 1996. After 10 years at the school, Per got an offer he could not refuse - The US Biathlon National Team wanted him to take over responsibility for the whole team's development. Per stayed for eight years, or over three Olympics games, and he added another four years with consulting assignments for the team. He did not leave the job with the US National Team until 2018.
During the consulting years, he worked parallel at the ski high school, and it was also then that Frida Karlsson appeared as a young and promising talent at school. Since then, their collaboration has continued, and even though Frida has now left high school, it is Per who sets up the training and tactics. Today, cross-country skiers have personal coaches, and it is not unusual for the coaches to be outside the national team management. Per has made a name for himself, first as a leader in the United States and then as a coach for Frida Karlsson. He is passionate about working with the individual and developing the rider himself. 

Johan Norrby Granath

Johan lives near Falun, Sweden, and he describes himself as an "omnivore" in sports with the biggest success in ski orienteering with 5 international medals. He has undergone studies at GiH Stockholm, with cross-country skiing as the special sport. He has been working as a cross-country coach for several years, both as a teacher at Dala Sports Academy and as the national team coach for the women's team for seven consecutive years. Today, he works with the junior and the under 23 national team athletes at Dala Sports Academy, one of Sweden's three pronounced elite environments for cross-country skiing. Johan likes to see individuals develop holistically both at and outside the ski track. He values quality work and determination among the active athlete and has as his living motto; to keep it simple; hence simplicity tends to be most effective in the end.
The episode is in Swedish and will be available on your favorite audible podcast resource from the 23rd of February!⠀


  • Per and Johan; Background and present duties 
  • How to deal with eager athletes when they want to train more and develop all the time
  • Tapering and peaking towards performance; How does it work, and what does two of the world's best athletes do?
  • Block periodization or undulating periodization; which to choose? 
  • The trainer's thoughts regarding cooperation between the coaching and medical team
Two world-class cross-country skiers are also guesting this episode; The huge talent skier Frida Karlsson and the present world champion in Team sprint Maja Dahlqvist - We talk about how they have prepared towards the World Championships and how their friendship has evolved to something they both appreciate and cherish. 

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The mighty MDFK team (Maja Dahlqvist Frida Karlsson) Frida Karlsson on the left. Photo Mathias Bergfeld, Bildbyrån