The byrizz™ Rehab & Performance Podcast - Episode #5, 19 March 2021

Accurate body composition measurement in your own pocket - Michael and Ben Fedewa, founder of The Made Health and Fitness App

The Made Health & Fitness Application. 

Can you measure muscle and body fat from a single picture right from your smartphone? 📲🤷🏻‍♂️ Well, with The Made Health & Fitness app, you now can! In the fifth episode of the byrizz™ Rehab & Performance podcast, I'm speaking to @mike_fedewa_phd and @fedewab, founders of The made Health Fitness app. The Made is a revolutionary application that can measure muscle and fat from a single picture right from their smartphone. Three validation studies have been published to date comparing the technology to other laboratory measures of body composition, including DXA and bioimpedance. 


Through his original research studies and meta-analyses of published research in our field, Dr. Fedewa has established a research agenda examining the influences of exercise training and physical activity on body composition. By collaborating with the students and an international network of exercise science researchers, Dr. Fedewa's research has examined various body composition assessment methods to develop portable, inexpensive, and accurate techniques that can be used in field settings by coaches and practitioners when more advanced methods are unavailable. His research also seeks to determine potential factors that are responsible for the individual variability exercise training adaptations. The made Health and Fitness app measures body volume/size with 99.8% accuracy compared to underwater weighing (hydrodensitometry) and offers coaches and trainers the ability to track their athletes' progress remotely from anywhere in the world. The lead researchers at made, Drs. Mike Esco and Mike Fedewa have over 100 research publications related to body composition, health, and athletic performance, with many more to come.


  • What is body composition, and how is it today measured?
  • The made Health and Fitness app background.
  • Accuracy: How accurate are body composition measurements, and how accurate is the app?
  • How can practitioners and coaches use the app: Why and when.

The episode is in English and will be available on your favorite audible podcast resource from the 19th of March! Download and try out the Made Health & Fitness App yourself! Click here to get it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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Consistency means you can count on it. It is always there. You can count on the MADE app to give you consistent accuracy, which will help you track your changes more accurately and keep you motivated. MADE measurements are as reliable as possible measurements.