The byrizz™ Rehab & Performance Podcast - Episode #10, 25 June 2021

Load Management; Just as much an art as a Science - Torstein Dalen-Lorentsen

Torstein talking to the world's fastest man Usain Bolt during a session with Strømgodset. Bolt was in Drammen in 2018, training to play a charity match for Unicef ​​at Old Trafford the same year.

Welcome to The byrizz Rehab & Performance Podcast, episode number ten. Thank you for listing us out, and thank you for all guests we had until this 10th episode has been great fun. In this episode, I speak to Torstein Lorentsen-Dalen. 


Torstein Dalen-Lorentsen is a research fellow at the Center for Sports Injury Research. He has a master's degree in sports physiology from the Norwegian Sports Academy in 2014. The title of the master's thesis was «The effect of two weeks of high-frequency strength training with reduced blood flow on hypertrophy signaling.»
Torstein has extensive experience with physical training with elite athletes and has worked with SG BBM Bietigheim (German handball), the alpine national teams, younger national teams in football, and teams in the Toppserien and the Eliteserien in football, Norway.
Torstein is actually finishing his Ph.D. at this moment and will defend his work later in October..


  • Who is Torstein, education, and background
  • Training Load; What is it, and how does it work in practice?
  • Research: Torstein talks about his ongoing research in Training Load and what is planned in this exciting area.
  • How did Torstein implement training load to improve the physical aspect of the teams and individuals he has been working with?
  • Covid season 2020 and 2021: Did the injury rate increase due to major changes in the game schedule last year?
  • The optimal football season: Does it exist? Can it exist? What does it take for both men and women to get to the best possible season?
  • How does exercise Training Load work for injury prevention purposes?

The episode is in Norwegian and will be available on your favorite audible podcast resource from Friday 25th of June! 

Torstein can be reached and followed through social media on Twitter @torsteindalen

Here the link that Torstein referred to in our talk in which Franco Impellizerri presented at the Sportfisio Swiss Symposium in 2018 

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An infographic from one of Torstein's studies. You can download the study following this link.