The byrizz™ Rehab & Performance Podcast - Episode #16, 10 December, 2021

Motor Learning and Performance - Morten Bråten - Head of Motor Skills and technique, Olympiatoppen and Ola Eriksrud - Associate professor, Norwegian School of Sports Science.

Morten Bråten, technical/motor skills manager at Olympiatoppen, training Alexander Aamodt at Olympiahallen. Photo: Geir Owe Frediären. 

In the 16th episode of the byrizz™ Rehab & Performance podcast, I'm speaking to Morten Bråten Head of Technical/motor skill performance at Olympiatoppen, Norway, and Ola Eriksrud - Associate Professor at the Department of Physical Performance at the Norwegian School of Sports Science. 

Who is Morten Bråten?

Morten has a teaching degree from the Norwegian School of Sports Science with sports as the main subject. He has been part of the Norwegian Olympic Committee, Olympiatoppen since 1991 and is today Head of Technical and motor skill performance. He is responsible for following Olympians when it comes to motor and performance skills.  

What about Ola Eriksrud? 

Ola has a bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy and a Master's degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Connecticut. He has also a Ph.D. in Sports Science from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. He is an adjunct and a faculty member of the University of Connecticut and works as an assistant professor at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences.



  • Morten and Olas Background and present duties 
  • Motor skills and Performance
  • Why is it so important to train motor skills in different life stages: childhood and as adolescents and not least in adulthood
  • What challenges can arise when you train motor control and skills? - Movement in joints, injury, growth, timing, etc
  • Can the motor skills be developed regardless of age? What should be in focus then?
  • Can motor skills development affect endurance sports such as cross-country skiing / running or is this more pointed towards sports that require more skill and motor skills such as gymnastics, athletics, etc?
  •  How can change of direction, speed, and explosiveness be affected by good motor properties?
The episode is in Norwegian and will be available on your favorite audible podcast resource from the 10th of December!⠀ 

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Ola Eriksrud (right) has been involved in the development of the test system 1080 Motion which has been well received in international top sports environments. Here testing the kickboxer André Hellesvik. Photo: Christopher Olssøn.