The byrizz™ Rehab & Performance Podcast - Episode #19 Season 2, 14 February, 2022

Physical Performance in Tennis - Ali Glehem och Martin Stern Taipale, Tennis coaches at AIM-X

Ali Glehem with WTA player Rebecca Peterson. Photo: AIM-X. 

Welcome to the second season of The byrizz Rehab & Performance podcast. In the first episode of 2022, I'm speaking to Ali Glehem and Martin Stern Taipale, tennis performance coaches at AIM-X Performance Sports Club. This episode will touch on how both coaches test, train, and develop Tennis players at different ages and levels. 

Let's find out more about the man behind this episode;

Who is Ali Glehem?

Ali has over 20 years of experience in elite training and has worked with some of Sweden's biggest names - such as Robin Söderling, Robert Lindstedt, and Rebecca Peterson. With solid knowledge and a great driving force, he works based on your conditions and goals for you to reach the next level.

What about Martin? 

Martin has both background as a tennis player and over 10 years of experience in training within ATP, WTA, and Junior Circuit. With extensive knowledge of exercise, anatomy, functionality, and diet, he sees the big picture and tailors programs for each person he works with. 


  • Ali's and Martins's background and present duties.
  • The AIM-X concept - Tennis; 3 sports defining one.
  • How the experience of both coaches aims to develop tennis players no matter their level and goals.
  • Testing Tennis Performance: How does AIM-X test and develop tennis players? What tests are best correlated for Tennis performance? Past and Present of the AIM-X test database
  • Do you need to be tall with great body levers to become good at Tennis?
  • How can you develop your skills to become a better Tennis player? On and outside the Tennis court. 

This episode is the first one of the byrizz series of visual podcasts, meaning that we will be sharing more visual content aiming to educate our audience by presenting our podcast with video examples of exercises, tests, presentations, and other procedures to enhance the way of learning from our guests and episodes. 


Video Analysis

Here's the video that both Ali and Martin reviewed and commented on. Thanks to Erick Hong for participating in the video shoot. Even though it seems I won most points, Erick did beat me.

Video-study case: The AIM-X coaches have reviewed recreational tennis players and have with the video screening come up with findings that are shared below the video. The exercise that AIM-X provides as the ones that can be done for improving performance, in this case, Split-Stance are also shown under the Video analysis. 

Primar findings of the analysis:

  • The player (me) is often not performing Split Stance 
  • This makes the player being to late in preparation before most of the strokes
  • The player need to work outside and inside the court with the Split Stance

Although the player in question only plays once a week, the coaches said that he has the potential to develop his game by training on Split Stance (working with the feet) and not least playing more frequently.

Drills: Specific drills to improve Tennis split-stance;

All videos showed here are upload with permission from AIM-X coaches and are part of this episode. ©AIM-X. All rights reserved

  • Split Step to Shuffle

  • Split Step to Sprint

  • Split Step to crossover

  • Split Step to Crossover Behind

Split stance exercise should be done both outside the Tennis court. If you struggle with the Split Stance as I do, the continuous and repetitive performance of the shown exercises is key. 

Reviewing the exercises:

  • Stand tall throughout all exercise, that is an Athletic position when starting the drill
  • Try to move as rapidly as possible after performing the Split Stance
  • Implement the drills every time you hit the court - performing the drills as a warm-up for example. 
  • Quick feet and being in position all the time are key in Tennis. Improving the basics will give you a better foundation in your playing style. 

The guests on this episode can be reached and followed through social media;

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Martin S Taipale Instagram

aim-x website:

The episode is in Swedish and will be available on your favorite audible podcast resource from the 14th of February!⠀ 

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Martin coach at AIM-X has a background as a tennis player and over 10 years of experience in training ATP, WTA, and Junior Circuit players. Photo: AIM-X.